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PORTUGAL job seeker visa

Portugal Job seeker visas 

What is a Portugal Job seeker visa?

In order to reduce labor shortages and increase employment of youth and under-represented groups, Portugal has become one of the few countries in Europe to introduce the Job Seeker visa. This visa will allow foreign nationals to come to Portugal and explore job opportunities. The visa is single-entry and is valid for a period of 120 days and can be renewed for a further 60 days.

Eligibility Requirements for the Job Seeker Visa in Portugal
There are no detailed qualifications yet, as the visa has recently been launched. However, you must:
Have a valid passport for the entire duration that you are in the country.
Have health insurance.
Have purchased a ticket that shows the date of departure and the date of the return (in case you cannot get a job).
Have enough funds to support yourself while you are in Portugal.

How to Apply for the Job Seeker Visa in Portugal
In order to apply for a Job Seeker visa in Portugal, you must visit the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your home country. You must gather all your documents, namely:

Your passport. It should be valid for at least 3 months after your date of return.
Two photos. Must be recent and in good condition.
Request for criminal record inquiry.
Criminal record certificate. It is only accepted if issued by the relevant authority.
Valid travel insurance.
Transport document.
Proof of financial resources.
Once you have collected all documents, you must submit those at an embassy or consulate in your home country and pay the fees.
Refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to see which embassy or consulate in your home country you should apply to.

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