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Immigrating to Canada at a glance:

Canada is considered a dream destination for emigration. The picturesque landscapes have so far attracted over a million of people 

Canada is also known for its selectivity and fairly strict immigration requirements. Not everyone can move there.

In this article, we check what emigration to Canada looks like and present visa possibilities.

Canada is a popular Immigration destination for people because it is famous for its high standard of living.
Many people can take advantage of immigration programs that lead to permanent residency in Canada.

The easiest way to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. Healthcare workers are also welcome. The list of desired professions is definitely longer.
Canada is a really vast country (with different time zones and climatic conditions), so choosing a specific place where you want to immigrate to is quite a challenge.

Life in CanadaCanada is the second largest country in the world with over 38 million people. With a population density of around 4 inhabitants per square kilometer, it is one of the least populated countries in the world. Canada is therefore a popular emigration destination among people who value peace and living in harmony with nature.Canada is a huge country that is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. Each of them differs in terms of climate, earnings, and taxes. Each province has something different to offer.Canada is not only forests and lakes. Canadian cities also attract immigrants from around the world, and above all, a very high standard of living.So, let's check where to immigrate in Canada (we immediately let you know that there are so many amazing places in Canada that it's hard to write about them all):Over 60 Canadian immigration programs are available for individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada. Our comprehensive evaluation system will evaluate your eligibility across all categories. Making sure you choose the Canadian immigration class best suits your circumstances can be overwhelming. Fill out our free to evaluate your qualifications against all Canadian immigration streams.The path to Canadian citizenship begins with obtaining permanent resident status in Canada. Like the "Green Card" in the United States, the Canada Permanent Resident Card allows you to work and live in Canada.The best way to determine if you are eligible for a Canadian Permanent Residency is to fill out our assessment form through several Canadian immigration programs. Our Canadian immigration team will carefully review your assessment and contact you within 24 hours.Canada 


Canada's population
Canada is a very popular destination for emigration, which is why it is a multicultural country and very diverse in terms of demographics. 21% of the population are emigrants, of which one million are indians. Another million are people connected in some way with india.

There are currently 38 million people living in Canada, almost 82% of them living in cities - mainly in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

There are currently 38 million people living in Canada (i.e. as much as in india), and its area is 31 times larger than India! Wages in Canada are definitely higher than in India. We will receive the same earnings in Germany, for example. However, there are significant differences between urban and rural wages. If you want to move to Canada, make sure your salary is satisfactory. Consider all potential costs.

Quality of life  9.9
The quality of life in Canada is really good. Canada ranks 23rd among all countries in the world with the highest standard of living. In 2019, the Global Liveability Ranking ranked 3 Canadian cities among the 10 most liveable cities in the world.

Luck 8.5 The World Happiness Report ranks Canada 15th among the happiest countries in the world, while International Expat ranks Canada 9th, one of the highest in the world. 

Climate 7.5 The climate is cold, especially winters in the north can be harsh. 
Bureaucracy 9.0 Canada is one of the least bureaucratic countries in the world, ranked 13th in the world.

Quality of life in Canada
The quality of life in Canada is quite good. According to Numbeo, the country is ranked 23rd in the ranking of countries with the highest standard of living, just behind the UK, but ahead of several European countries such as Ireland and Belgium. In 2019, the Global Liveability Ranking ranked 3 Canadian cities among the 10 most liveable cities in the world - Calgary ranked 5th, Vancouver ranked 6th and Toronto ranked 7th.

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We select the best candidates based on the candidate's past work experience, qualifications, strengths, and weaknesses to fit the client's work culture and ethics. Potential candidates will be contacted and interviews will be conducted to find out their interest and suitability. Evaluation after Exam: After the preliminary examination, we shortlist the most eligible candidates

Cost of living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada varies greatly.

Although they are high in big cities, in some (more rural) regions life is quite cheap. We looked at the cost of living in Toronto and compared it to other European cities:

Economic opportunities 7.3 The unemployment rate in Canada in 2022 is only 5.3%. There are plenty of job offers for foreigners in the country.

Living costs and expenses 9.0
The cost of living in Canada is quite high, but it is offset by high salaries.

Taxes 6.0 Canada is a federal country, so taxes are set at both the federal (15%-33%) and provincial (5.05%-25%) levels. Rates vary depending on where we live.

Prosperity 8.0 Canada offers great educational opportunities and personal freedom. 

Taxes, cost of living and economic conditions in Canada
Canada is the ninth largest economy in the world and ranks high in GDP per capita, equaling or surpassing countries such as the UK and Germany. The unemployment rate is 5.3%.

Canada also has an extremely diverse economy for a developed country, with the most developed service sector. The country's economy is also largely based on forestry and the oil industry. Mining and agriculture are also important branches of the Canadian economy. Canada also has a thriving manufacturing sector (aeronautics and automotive).

Canada Taxes
In Canada, we have to reckon with high taxes, both at the federal and provincial levels. Federal tax rates range from 15% to 33%. Additionally, tax rates of 5.05%-25% apply, depending on the province.

In particular, low-density regions such as the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut attract lower taxes.

Low to moderate-income residents can often save on taxes. However, higher incomes are associated with much higher taxes than in Poland. However, this may vary from province to province. More information on taxes in Canada can be found here.

Toronto - a cosmopolitan and multicultural metropolis

Montreal - a charming metropolis where you can find a balance between life and work

According to many Canadians, life in Montreal is calmer than in Toronto. Nevertheless, Montreal is a city of millions that never sleeps.

The cost of living here is definitely lower. Emigrating there, you can count on cheaper living and urban life at the same level as in Toronto.

Keep in mind that Montreal is in Quebec, the largest French-speaking region in North America. Therefore, the most common language spoken there is French (although we also get along in English).

Montreal is often called Canada's cultural capital. It is therefore an ideal place of emigration for people interested in art and history.

Vancouver - urban life on the Pacific coast

Vancouver is much smaller than Toronto and Montreal. So we can count on a little more peace here. It is also a very liberal and multicultural city.

As Vancouver is known as the most pedestrian-friendly city in Canada, there are many parks and interesting places to explore on foot. In warm weather, many people walk or cycle in the center.

Due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is often very windy. This is quite a nuisance, especially in the winter months. Despite this, it is one of the most attractive cities in Canada.

Northern Canada - endless freedom

Many expats choose to settle in the north of Canada. This part of the country is sparsely populated and known for its picturesque landscapes.

However, it is not as idyllic a region as it may seem at first glance. Living conditions may not be the best. In the north, temperatures can drop as low as -30 degrees Celsius, and winters are dark, long and unpleasant.

how to move to Canada?

Immigration to Canada step by step
So what does emigration to Canada look like step by step? There is no one straight way. It all depends on which program we will apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada.

According to the information provided by the Canadian Immigration Office, the whole process is simplified as follows:

Obtaining an eTA, i.e. an electronic travel confirmation.
Obtaining a biometric passport.
Obtaining a job and confirming qualifications.
Submission of an application under the emigration program of our choice.
Passing the English or French language proficiency test. Visa and immigration to Canada

How do I get a work permit in Canada?

Emigration to Canada is based on immigration programs. The whole system is quite complicated because it is divided into federal and provincial programs.

In this article, we will not write about all types of visas. Full details can be found on the Canadian Immigration Service website.

It is usually easiest for Poles to obtain a work permit in Canada in the following ways:

How do I get a work permit in Canada?

1. Emigration to Canada based on Express Entry
Immigrating under Express Entry as a skilled worker under the federal program is probably the easiest way to obtain permanent residency in Canada. There are a number of minimum requirements that all applicants must meet. They are then assessed on the basis of six other factors (age, language skills, job offer, education, work experience and adaptability).

Anyone who scores more than 67 can immigrate to Canada. Based on this questionnaire, you can check if you qualify for a permanent residence permit in Canada on the basis of Express Entry.

As part of Express Entry, we must meet a number of requirements:

work in one of these professional fields
pass a test in English or French
have at least a high school diploma
have enough money to live in Canada or already have a job offer
You can find all information about Express Entry on the Canadian Immigration Office website.

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